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Nuxeo 5.7.2 Tag Release Notes

For Administrators


Upgrade to the latest metrics codahale lib providing more metrics and fixes. Also note that metrics names have changed. Read more in our documentation.

Multi-Tabs Navigation

Nuxeo now handles multiple-tabs navigation without having a "cannot restore view" error. A new StateManager has been introduced in order to store ViewStates per conversation. In other words, when a user navigates to a new tab, a new conversation is started and its view states are saved separately. If the user comes back to an old tab, he will not have "view expired" exceptions anymore.

You can adapt these settings using the apropriate parameters in nuxeo.conf.

Nuxeo.conf New Parameters

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
nuxeo.jsf.numberOfConversationsInSession4Since 5.7.2, Parameter to control the number of conversation states that are saved in session. Each conversation holds a number of view states that is defined by nuxeo.jsf.numberOfViewsInSession
nuxeo.jsf.numberOfViewsInSession4Since 5.7.2 (5.6-HF20) Parameter to control the JSF init parameter com.sun.faces.numberOfViewsInSession
nuxeo.jsf.numberOfLogicalViews4Since 5.7.2 (5.6-HF20) Parameter to control the JSF init parameter com.sun.faces.numberOfLogicalViews
nuxeo.notification.eMailSignerThe Nuxeo teamSigner of the sent e-mail.