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5.9.3 Release Notes

For Administrators

Elasticsearch Query Engine

We've added support for documents indexation with Elasticsearch. When you install this module, all the commons page providers will query Elasticsearch instead of your RDBMS.

Another interesting use of Elasticsearch is to do a bit of reporting on your instance use with Kibana.

If you install it, be careful to switch to PGSQL (or an other external database). For now the package removes the old lucene libraries required for the default embedded H2 database to run.

The default configuration uses an embed Elasticsearch but you can configure Nuxeo Platform to use another one.

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
elasticsearch.addressListlocalhost:9300,anothernode:9300point to one or many elasticsearch nodes.
elasticsearch.clusterNameelasticsearchThe cluster name to join.

Store Password Hash in LDAP User Directory

Now you can store password hash in LDAP User Directories (it was already possible with SQL directories). You just have to use the passwordHashAlgorithm option as in this configuration sample:

  <directory name="userLdapDirectory">

Nuxeo.conf New Parameters

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
nuxeo.path.segment.maxsize24Define the max length of the document name, which is mainly used to build the document path.
nuxeo.http.proxy.pac.urlProxy auto-config (PAC) file URL.