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5.9.5 Release Notes

For Administrators

Logging Slow Queries

To trace all NXQL queries that take more than 100ms, activate the log for org.nuxeo.ecm.core.storage.sql at the INFO level and add in the nuxeo.conf:


Java version is checked at server startup

The check on the Java version (greater or equal to 1.7) is done in nuxeoctl and nuxeoctl.bat scripts. If the correct version is not found, a comprehensive message is displayed: "ERROR: Nuxeo requires Java 1.7+ (detected 1.6.0_38)".


The Admin Center tab for Elasticsearch has been improved. A clear status is dispayed so as to know if there are indexing tasks running or pending. Administrator can also find some information on the total number of documents in ES and a dynamically updated average rate of indexing.