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Nuxeo Platform6.0 Release Notes

For Administrators

User and Groups Providers and Authentication Mode Configuration Wizard

A wizard is available both at set up time and in the Admin Center. This wizard allows to configure the way Nuxeo Platform will fetch users and groups: in an ldap directory, active directory or a SQL database. It also enables to configure the user attribute mapping.

AES Binary Store Encryption Mode

It is possible to use an AES algorithm to encrypt binaries before storing them in the binary store. See Configuring Encryption Documentation page.

Private Marketplace Channel

Users are able to upload their own marketplace packages on Connect so as to make them visible and available in the admin center. The first implementation offers a web UI for upload/update only. REST endpoints are available for upload/update and delete.

Store Password Hash in LDAP User Directory

Now you can store password hash in LDAP User Directories (it was already possible with SQL directories). You just have to use the passwordHashAlgorithm option as in this configuration sample:

  <directory name="userLdapDirectory">

Packages Directory Out of the Data Directory

The Marketplace packages used to be stored in the Nuxeo data directory. This is not really their place so now instead of being stored in "nxserver/data/packages/", they'll be stored in "packages/". You can also change this location using the new property "nuxeo.mp.dir".

Logging Slow Queries

To trace all NXQL queries that take more than 100ms, activate the log for org.nuxeo.ecm.core.storage.sql at the INFO level and add in the nuxeo.conf:


Java version is checked at server startup

The check on the Java version (greater or equal to 1.7) is done in nuxeoctl and nuxeoctl.bat scripts. If the correct version is not found, a comprehensive message is displayed: "ERROR: Nuxeo requires Java 1.7+ (detected 1.6.0_38)".