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6.0 Release Notes

For Users

Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Drive was greatly improved this year, it is now much easier to install, use and update.


A collection issue a folder-like document in which you can file existing documents. Documents are not actually copied or moved into the collection, which only holds a link to the document in its original location.

Collections are persisted, per user, sharable and are a great way to provide bulk features such as:

Collections are a natural way of working among thousands of assets and documents. You can search for documents belonging to a given collection, you can import a set of files and make them automatically belonging to a collection. It is even possible with some additional configuration to get a collection content synchronized with Nuxeo Drive.

Search Experience - Rebooted

The search experience has been consolidated:

Spreadsheet Edit

A new add-on called “Spreadsheet" allows to display a spreadsheet like the user interface. You can bulk-edit metadata from this spreadsheet view and select and drag values.

Bulk Creation

You now have a bulk import action in the main interface. You can set metadata, tags and collections right at the import time for all the documents that are dropped. The bulk edit also now supports the collections and tags interface.

Nuxeo Drive iOS Edition

An iOS app, that can be installed on iPad (for now) and that allows the user to browse online or to take on the road the documents that belong to folders that have been selected by the user for Drive synchronisation. Typical use case is sales kit synchronisation for offline access. The application is read only, it doesn't allow to edit the documents.

Full Screen Mode

You can now navigate through a document list in full screen mode.

User Invitation

To enforce the security around user creation process, the default mode is now to invite users via email, and user is created in the system only when she fills complementary information, including her password. That way, password do not have to be transferred via email or parallel channels.


A huge work has been done on the look&feel. Beside the global appearance that has been totally reviewed many details have been taken care of.


Users are able to pin documents. These documents are then in their "Favorites" collection, which is automatically created. When a document is pinned, the icon changes so that the user knows it is pinned. Clicking on the new icon "unpins" the document.

Insert a Video in a Note

Users can now reference a video inside a Note document type. The HTML5 player is used to play the video.

Photoshop Mime-types Correctly Detected

Missing mime-types for Photoshop were added, improving detection and image processing of those kind of files.

Updated Picture Generation Resolution

We increased default picture transformations sizes, following the evolution of the digital industry. Sizes are now 1200 px max for medium, 350 px for small, 150 px max for thumbnail.

Simplified ACLs

We removed negative permission except for the action of blocking inheritance (Deny Everything Everyone). This important change of behavior can be set back with a property nuxeo.security.allowNegativeACL=true Note that negative permissions are not compatible with using Elasticsearch or MongoDB.

The permission "Can ask for publishing" was also taken out of the "Read" permission in sections. It is now explicitely given to members at the root of sections instead of being implicitely granted with the inherited Read permission.

Suggestion Widgets

Select2-based suggestion widgets introduced in 5.7.3 received a couple of bug fixes. New widgets properties have been introduced (available in Studio):