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7.1 Release Notes

For Administrators

More Resiliant LDAP Directory

When LDAP Directory is slow or network is bad, some requests where issuing timeouts. A new system where LDAP directory is cached in an SQL directory makes the experience much better in those situations.

Elasticsearch: Re-Indexing Actions

A set of re-indexing actions are provided from the Admin Center, for re-indexing everything starting from one node (and the children iteratively) or for re-indexing a list of documents corresponding to an NXQL request. Also, indexing the repository has been made faster.

Elasticsearch: Configuring the Indexing Pool from nuxeo.conf

Some options are available in nuxeo.conf directly for configuring Elasticsearch service:

Tasks Do Not Hold Dynamical Facets Anymore

Tasks now hold statical facets only, making queries on tasks more efficient.