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7.10 Release Notes

For Administrators

Azure Object Store Binary Manager

A new binary manager allows to store binary content on Microsoft Azure Binary Storage. This connector is available as a Nuxeo Package on the Nuxeo Marketplace.

Server Don't Start on Pending Actions Failure

When some pending actions fail, the server now doesn't start, unless the option --ignore-missing is used.

$ echo "install fail" > nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log
$ ./bin/nuxeoctl start -q 
org.nuxeo.connect.update.PackageException: Package not found: fail
Pending actions execution failed. The commands file has been moved to: /.../nuxeo-cap-7.10-SNAPSHOT-tomcat/nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log.bak
Start interrupted due to failure on pending actions. You can resume with a new start; or you can restore the file 'installAfterRestart.log', optionally using the '--ignore-missing' option.

$ echo "install fail" > nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log
$ ./bin/nuxeoctl start -q --ignore-missing
Unable to install unknown package: fail
Server started with process ID 4957.

Studio Link and Project Name in Admin Center

The Studio link from Admin Center was redirecting you to the welcome page of Nuxeo Studio. It now redirects you to the exact Studio project against which you registered your Nuxeo Platform instance. Furthermore user can see in the Update Center the name of the project the Nuxeo Platform instance is registered against.

Optimized LDAP Requests

LDAP requests have been optimised to fetch only necessary attributes so as to minimize the traffic.

Elasticsearch Audit and UID Sequence Indexes Are Configurable

The Elasticsearch index names used for the UID sequencer and for audit logs are now configurable through the following properties in nuxeo.conf:

As a reminder, the audit Elasticsearch index is mostly used by ESAuditBackend and the UID sequencer index by ESUIDSequencer.
This allows to have several Nuxeo instances sharing the same Elasticsearch cluster.
We use the elasticsearch.indexName property as a prefix to ease configuration of multiple Nuxeo insatnces sharing an Elasticsearch cluster: changing the single elasticsearch.indexName property is enough to give a unique name to all the Elasticsearch indexes.
Since the default value for elasticsearch.indexName is nuxeo, the resulting default values for the new properties are:

More Comprehensive Message on Restricted Package Installation Error

nuxeoctl mp-add command provides a more comprehensive message when user try to install a Nuxeo package that requires to be registered.

Better Management of Marketplace Download Timeout

Some improvements have been implemented with package download:

Quartz Library Is Upgraded

Quartz 2.2.2 is now used. Quartz is the scheduler component.