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7.10 Release Notes

For Users

Search Analytics

A new Dataviz dashboard has been added in the Admin Center for understanding search usages of your application: Search Screens usage, time of the day where it is the most used, average number of documents per result, most frequent terms used in full text search, which field is the most used. This dashboard is compatible with the customisation you would do using Nuxeo Studio.

Repository Analytics

In the Admin Center/Activity tab, a new tab "Repository Analytics" makes use of the nuxeo-repository-data element to display information about the content. With a between dates selector: (no selection means of all times)

More Robust Picture Diff

Nuxeo Diff Picture is now able to compare pictures that represent the same object but with different dimensions and/or picture format, leveraging ImageMagick capabilities in this area.

Tabs Are Ajaxified by Default

Tabs in Nuxeo Platform Web UI are now ajaxified by default, providing a better user experience. This behaviour can be changed with the application property nuxeo.jsf.useAjaxTabs.

Path Displayed in Location Widget

The Location widget displays the full path so as to know which document exactly is selected, especially when two documents have the same title.

Like Operator on Policy Search

In the Admin Center on the Permissions tab, "Like" operator is used for searching on policy name field so as to be able to use routing% when searching, and then returning all the permissions set by the workflow engine.

Purging ACLs Archives Them

Purge action now moves the ACLs to "Archived" state instead of being really deleted. This allows to easily audit who had access to what while making sure that someone cannot access any content of the repository anymore.