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7.3 Release Notes

For Administrators

Changing Tomcat Admin Host

A new parameter in nuxeo.conf allows you to customize the address for which the server waits for a shutdown command.


VCS Full Text Search Enablement and Configuration

Most of the production set up will now rely on Elasticsearch for full-text search. In that case you can disable the VCS full-text index computation by setting the following flag set to true:


Alternatively, if you do want to use it, it is now easy to configure the analyzer language thanks to the following property:


Elasticsearch Server Version Recommended is Now Elasticsearch 1.5.2

Reindexing Optimization and Reindexing on Startup

Recursive indexing has been made much quicker thanks to a change in the algorithm. We now propose a flag for automatizing it on startup when the index is empty:


Audit is Stored in Elasticsearch

The default backend for the audit is now Elasticsearch. This improves scalability when using Nuxeo Drive for a large set of users. It also allows you to store more information on each audit entry, such as the complete serialization of a document. This new capability will be leveraged in upcoming versions of Nuxeo Platform.

Using Elasticsearch as a backend for audit logs is enabled by the following property in nuxeo.conf:


This is an important change that implies:

In order to disable this behaviour and keep the SQL storage, please read the Disabling Elasticsearch for Audit Logs section.