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8.2 Release Notes

For Developers

A C# Nuxeo Client

8.1A C# Nuxeo Client has been added. A sample application is provided so as to understand how to make use of it. Read the C# client documentation for more information.

New Operations

User Invitation

8.2The operation User.Invite is now available to trigger a user invitation remotely.

Studio Jar Hot Reload

8.2The operation Service.HotReloadStudioSnapshot is now available to trigger a hot-reload of the Studio Jar.

REST Endpoint Evolutions

New Content-Type Header

8.2Content-Type header now returns the nuxeo-entity type as well:

application/json; nuxeo-entity=documents

Fetching Members of Group object

8.2 New endpoints were added for getting members of a group:

This endpoint supports pagination and returns the full objects (full users and groups). And by default when fetching a user or a group, users and groups members are no more marshaled (only ids are returned), you can use fetch.group=memberUsers and/or fetch.group=memberGroups to get the full object.


Generic Directory and Directory Templating

8.2 Generic Directories have been introduced, along with the possibility to make regular directories be "templates". First, register a template directory ( template="true" ):

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.directory.sql.SQLDirectoryFactory" point="directories"> 
<directory name="template-dir" template="true">

Then use a generic directory to provide specific customizations over the extended template ( extends="template-dir" ):

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.directory.GenericDirectory" point="directories"> 
<directory name="my-directory" extends="template-dir">

The Generic Directory descriptor only supports a generic subset of the configuration of the directories in general (see org.nuxeo.ecm.directory.BaseDirectoryDescriptor for the exact fields). This new indirection allows to make it easier to change implementation of a directory for a given business requirement.

Cache is Back

8.2 Directories that still have a cacheMaxSize and cacheTimeOut but no newly-defined cacheEntryName are still be using a cache.

Elasticsearch Evolutions

ecm.path Field

8.2A new field in Elasticsearch index is available: ecm:path with the following informations:

 "ecm:path.level1": "default-domain", 
"ecm:path.level2": "workspaces",
"ecm:path.level3": "aWorkspace",
"ecm:path.level4": "aFolder",
"ecm:path.level5": "aFile",
"ecm:path.depth": 5

Mapping for Audit Index

8.2No specific mapping had been contributed for Audit index. This is now done.

Authentication Prompt

8.2 When configuring authentication chains, a new attribute is available at the authentication chain level, handlePrompt so as to configure if the authentication filter delegates the login prompt to its plug-ins or if it returns systematically a 401 response code.

Configuring TinyMCE Editor via Tag Properties

8.1 Plugins and options have been extracted to control them by tag properties in order to display different options depending on the field.

Understanding The Sequence Of Listeners Calls

8.1 You can now add this in your log4j.xml:

<category name="org.nuxeo.common.logging">
<priority value="DEBUG"/>

Then use the sequence.sh to generate a PNG with a sequence diagram of all threads and listeners.

Note that all events in the chart are in chronological order (not proportional) except for the Initiate link, where the origin points to the thread that has generated a work without telling when (earlier for sure).

HTML Content in Tipsy Tooltip

8.1 Tooltips generated with Tipsy now render HTML content properly.

JSF Widgets Evolutions

Limit Attribute for SuggestDirectoryEntries

8.2A new attribute limit is available for limiting the number of entries returned by the SuggestDirectoryEntries